Petite Happiness Gift Box


Happiness does come in small packages. In this case, the Petite Happiness Gift Box, a delightfully indulgent collection that’s bound to put the sweetest smile on your face.

Or for celebrating the ones you love (without breaking the bank) with fine artisan chocolates in our elegantly designed packaging.

Mix & match up to 4 unique flavours in your gift box.

Product Quantity

Peppermint Dark Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Jade Lemon & Coconut Dark Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Orange & Cinnamon Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Lavender & Poppyseed White Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Black Pepper & Chilli Dark Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Lemon & Sea Salt Chocolate (23g)

In stock

Add a warm personalised message to your recipient.

Penny Essentials’ range of artisan chocolates is borne of true love of fine sweets using only ingredients of the highest quality. Every ingredient is meticulously sourced and curated to bring out its purest, most
decadent and luxurious flavours.

Additional information

Weight 125 g


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