Celebrating The Rockstars of Savvy Oilers

The year 2020 was a roller coaster for many. Still, the Savvy Oilers community continued to thrive despite the adversities we faced. We grew from 10,000 members in January 2020 to over 36,000 today as I’m writing this.

That’s over 360% growth rate!!

And here are some stats for you, in 2020, Savvy Oilers produced as many as 444 Executives, 148 Silvers, 21 Golds, 7 Platinums, and 2 Diamonds.

As the leader of Savvy Oilers, one of the largest essential oil community in Malaysia, I couldn’t be more proud and happy for every one of you Savvy Oiler.

Together, we’ve helped improve the wellness lifestyle of over 36,000 families. Additionally, we have also contributed to their successful careers. That’s massive! And it makes my career in building this community most meaningful. I’m grateful that I get to share it with all of you.

It has been a Savvy Oilers tradition for the past few years to organise an annual retreat or team building activity. Due to the pandemic and lockdown this year, we couldn’t.

But there’s no stopping us, right?

Rockstars Awards by Savvy Oilers

All of you rockstars did so well contributing to the growth of our community, and this outstanding feat must be celebrated! That’s how the idea of throwing a Savvy Oilers virtual recognition event came about, and we named it Rockstars Awards, a title fitting for all of your outstanding achievements.

Gary’s Light, One Heart, and Rose was featured because it sums up what Savvy Oilers represents. A guiding light to holistic wellness, ready to help those in need with open arms as a tribe in harmony.

The virtual recognition event also saw the official launch of the Savvy Oilers logo and the story behind our tribe, and the launching of a new flavour for Penny Essentials’ Asia’s First Essential Oil Flavoring Chocolate line up by Adeline Law, General Manager of Young Living Malaysia.

This event was impossible without our friends, Jennifer Yap from J-Group and Linda Lo from Ambon Boenda, who have graciously and generously sponsored the event and contributed products and services to our amazing rockstars. For those who don’t know, both Jennifer and Linda are also fellow supporters of natural living and holistic wellness.

If you’ve missed our Live, make sure to watch Rockstars Awards on YouTube for all the highlights we didn’t mention here.


Penny Choong

Penny Choong is the founder of Penny Essentials and leader of Savvy Oilers, one of the largest essential oils community in Malaysia and is a champion of holistic health and wellness. From pilates and chocolates to financial workshops, art classes and gourmet collaborations, Penny’s philosophy on wellness is as wide-ranging as it is inclusive – for a good reason. To her, wellness comes in many forms, all viable, as long as one finds purpose and joy in it.

The most important element to wellness, however, is connection, which is why today, she leads a community of over 38,000 people who support each other in staying the course on their life-long journey to holistic well-being.

While centred on the use of essential oils and natural products as a way of life, Penny’s varied initiatives and engagements include wellness workshops, meditative art sessions, co-creation with artisanal brands, entrepreneurship sharing, and, most recently, chocolate making.

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